Millions of fans worldwide watch veteran Hong Kong singer, Sam Hui perform live online to raise fund


12th April 2020 – (Hong Kong) Over 2.4m fans from all over the world viewed Hong Kong veteran singer Sam Hui perform live online this afternoon at 5pm on Facebook and over 400,000 fans watched him live on Youtube channel today. Sam Hui performed his hit songs with an acoustic guitar sporting a cap and a leather jacket at Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City in TST.

The online concert was organised to raise funds for former employees of Tom Lee Engineering Ltd, a sound engineering company ― who became jobless due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The employees helped him in setting up his concerts in the past 30 years including his first concert at the Coliseum in 1983. Sam has also donated HK$250,000 to the employees.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam who is an avid fan of Sam Hui, took time off to watch the concert live during an anti-epidemic fund meeting with government officials this afternoon.

Hui’s music gained popular appeal, particularly with the working class, for its simplicity and the relevance of the lyrics. A prolific songwriter, a noted recurring theme in his music is that it often describes or humorously satirises Hong Kong society and events. One of his most popular songs during the mid-1970s was the theme song of the film The Private Eyes, which humorously reflected on the harsh realities of middle and lower-income Hong Kongers. Others such as “Song of Water Use” (制水歌), which referenced the days of water rationing during the 1960s, and “Could Not Care Less About 1997” (話知你97), which encouraged Hong Kong people to adopt a carpe diem attitude instead of worrying about the imminent handover to the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997, were more topical in nature and referenced local events. While some of his songs are lighthearted, others carried philosophical messages brought out through artful use of Chinese words that have multiple symbolism. Examples can be seen in his farewell song in 1992 and “From the Heart of a Loafer” (浪子心聲), where for Cantopop, the sophisticated language and messages were rare in the lyrics of contemporary artists.