Military tanks and riot police disperse tens of thousands of protestors in Wuhan, China


5th July 2019 – (Wuhan) Tens of thousands of people gathered at Yangluo District in China after learning that the government was allegedly planning to build a new municipal solid waste power generation plant in the area. At least 20 people were arrested in the protest. According to the locals, there was already a landfill site in the area emitting horrendous stench constantly as far as 8km. The site originally slated to be turn into a public park in 2020 has affected tens of thousands of people living in the area.

Many residents lamented on the poor air quality and contaminated underground water supply due to the landfill site. Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the construction of the new solid waste power generation plant which can potentially handle up to 2,000 tonnes of rubbish.

The government has since refuted by replying that the project has yet to be commenced and it was actually not a construction of a solid waste power generation plant. In fact, it was a railway demolition and reconstruction project in Jiangbei District instead. Government has since quashed the rumour and emphasised that no projects would commence before consulting public opinion and conducting proper feasibility study.

The authorities have since censored many photos of the street protest and video clips. Several video clips were uploaded on social media showing military tanks and riot police dispersing protestors on streets.