Middle-aged man assaulted by crowd after he attempted to remove and destroy Lennon Wall message board in Cheung Sha Wan

Lennon Wall at Cheung Sha Wan

12th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 11pm yesterday, a middle-aged man in T-shirt destroyed the Lennon Wall message board located outside Exit C2 at Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station. While removing the message wall, he swore, ‘This message wall is everywhere! Go to hell!’ Some people attempted to retrain him which resulted in physical brawl. During the commotion, the middle-aged man damaged a phone belonging to another man by dropping it.

Another man wearing a cap punched the middle-aged man after he damaged another person’s mobile phone.

Out of nowhere, a South Asian man lurched forward and assaulted the middle-aged man before he fell onto the ground. He then attempted to stand up but again, the South Asian man punched him. The crowd immediately segregated the two of them to prevent further clashes.

Police rushed to the scene and arrested the man for criminal damage of another man’s mobile phone. He sustain lip injuries and ambulance sent him to hospital.

Meanwhile, at around 8pm yesterday, two middle-aged men attempted to remove the Lennon Wall message Wall located outside Tai Po Market MTR Station. A 65 year old voluntary worker who was taking care of the message board sustained fracture on his left arm after being assaulted by the two men. They managed to flee before police officers arrived.