Middle-aged HK actor and singer Raymond Lam’s recent appearance criticised, fans rally in support for a comeback

    Raymond Lam

    11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned Hong Kong actor and singer, Raymond Lam, defied age expectations with a spirited performance at his recent concert. Despite being 44 years old, Lam’s energetic stage presence and vocal prowess left fans in awe. However, some mainland Chinese netizens commented on Lam’s appearance, claiming that his looks have deteriorated. They even captured close-up shots of Lam’s face, highlighting his strained expressions and a protruding belly. Comparisons were drawn between Lam’s current appearance and that of actors Hugo Ng and Henry Lo Chun Shun, with some suggesting a resemblance. Nevertheless, many online users came to Lam’s defence, asserting that he maintains excellent grooming and should not be judged solely on his looks.