Michelle Yeoh and Daniel Wu criticised by Mainland netizens for wishing “Happy New Year” in English

    Michelle Yeoh and Daniel Wu

    24th January 2023 – (Los Angeles) Many celebrities are using different ways to share their festive activities or send blessings online during the Lunar New Year. Some foreign celebrities also sent holiday blessings through various online platforms for publicity and fans. Recently, Hollywood based HK actress Michelle Yeoh and U.S. based HK actor Daniel Wu sparked heated discussions because of their wishes in the promotion of their new film. The two and an all Chinese Americans cast from the new drama “American Born Chinese” appeared in a special promotional video to wish audience “Happy New Year” in English instead of in Chinese. Many Mainland netizens criticised them for forgetting their roots. All the cast members also followed suit.

    Facing the camera, Michelle Yeoh first bowed in accordance with Chinese etiquette and said “Gung Hay Fat Choy” in Chinese. Afterwards, Michelle Yeoh proceeds to say “Happy New Year” in English.

    Meanwhile, other netizens felt that it was merely a wish and they should not be so sensitive over the language used.

    Daniel Wu