Metaphysician Clement Chan Ting Bong extends assistance in police investigation of JPEX case, total victims reach 2,265 involving HK$1.4 billion (Updated: 10.45pm)

Clement Chan

22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Virtual asset trading platform JPEX is currently embroiled in a major controversy over allegations of operating without a licence, causing a stir in the city. Notably, several celebrities, including Julian Cheung and Jacqueline Ch’ng, as well as influencers, have been implicated in the issue. In a recent development today (22nd), renowned metaphysician Clement Chan Ting Bong has reportedly offered assistance in the investigation. However, sources indicate that he was not arrested

Wearing black clothing and a mask, Chan left the Police Headquarters after 10.30pm. Chan initially intended to exit through the West Gate of the Police Headquarters, towards Harcourt Garden, but upon seeing a large number of journalists waiting there, he changed direction and returned to the main entrance. He briefly paused outside the main entrance of the Police Headquarters to allow the reporters to take photographs. He stated, “I have entrusted everything to my lawyer to handle, so I have nothing more to add. Thank you all for your hard work.” Afterwards, he shook hands with a man carrying a briefcase who accompanied him from the Police Headquarters, expressing his gratitude. When reporters asked if he needed to return to the police station for further investigation, he gently shook his head and said, “I have no further comments at the moment.” He then boarded a private car and departed.

Law enforcement authorities have disclosed that as of 5pm today (22nd), a total of 2,265 victims have filed reports, involving an estimated amount of HK$1.4 billion.

In a significant development, the SFC has determined that the virtual asset trading platform known as “JPEX” was operating without the necessary license, resulting in the initiation of legal action against its operators. Joseph Lam Chok, along with ten other individuals, has been apprehended on charges related to their alleged involvement in a conspiracy to commit fraud. Notably, Lam and eight of the arrested individuals have been granted bail, pending further investigation, but they are required to regularly report to law enforcement authorities starting in mid-October.