Meta Platforms delays launch of Meta AI in Europe following request from Irish privacy regulator


    14th June 2024 – (Menlo Park) Meta Platforms, the U.S.-based social media company, has announced that it will not be launching its Meta AI in Europe at present, in response to a request from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), the country’s privacy regulator. The company expressed disappointment regarding the request, stating that it came from the DPC, acting on behalf of the European Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), to postpone the training of their large language models (LLMs) using public content shared by adults on Facebook and Instagram. Meta Platforms highlighted that they had already taken regulatory feedback into account and had informed the European DPAs about their plans since March.

    In an updated blog post, the company expressed its disappointment with the request from the Irish DPC, which serves as their lead regulator in Europe. They had made efforts to incorporate regulatory feedback and had been transparent with the European DPAs throughout the process. However, they have decided to comply with the request and delay the launch of Meta AI in Europe for the time being.