Meryl Streep receives honorary Palme d’Or Amid emotional tribute at Cannes Film Festival

    Meryl Streep

    15th May 2024 – (Cannes) Meryl Streep, the venerable American actress, was honoured with the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The accolade, which recognises her illustrious career and contributions to cinema, was presented during a ceremony that saw the 74-year-old actress warmly embraced by peers and admirers.

    The festival’s tribute to Streep began with a standing ovation that lasted for over two minutes, a testament to her enduring appeal and influence in the film industry. Overwhelmed by the reception, Streep playfully feigned an exit before joyfully dancing to the applause, delighting the audience.

    French actress Juliette Binoche, visibly moved, presented the award to Streep. In her tribute, Binoche hailed Streep as “an international treasure,” and pondered the source of her profound talent. “When I see you on the screen, I don’t see you… Where does it come from? Were you born like this? There’s a believer in you; a believer that allows me to believe,” Binoche remarked, highlighting the immersive nature of Streep’s performances.

    Streep, visibly touched, took the stage to express her gratitude. Reflecting on a montage of her past roles, she described the experience as watching her life flash from her early years to the present. “It was like looking out the window of a bullet train, watching my youth fly into my middle age,” she said.

    She reminisced about her last visit to Cannes 35 years ago for the film “Evil Angels”, contemplating the uncertainties that surrounded her career at that time. “I thought that my career was over,” Streep admitted, acknowledging the challenges actresses faced during that era. She credited her sustained success to the “very gifted artists” she has worked with over the years, including Greta Gerwig, who directed her in “Little Women”.

    Streep’s speech was peppered with humour and gratitude, as she thanked the audience for their continued support. “I’m just so grateful that you haven’t gotten sick of my face and you haven’t gotten off the train,” she joked.

    The ceremony, infused with references to Streep’s iconic roles, featured music from “Mamma Mia”, including ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” as she accepted her award, creating a festive atmosphere that resonated with her storied career in musicals.

    Streep’s Cannes appearance was part of an eventful festival that also anticipates honouring other cinematic giants such as George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. Her presence underscored Cannes’ reputation as a beacon for film industry legends.