Mercedes-Benz urges for eased tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles in the EU

Ola Källenius

13th March 2024 – (Frankfurt) Mercedes-Benz’s top executive has called for a relaxation of tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles within the European Union.

Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, expressed his views to the Financial Times, advocating a stance that he believes will foster competitiveness and innovation in the luxury automotive sector.

This plea by Källenius comes against the backdrop of the EU’s anti-subsidy investigation targeting Chinese electric vehicle imports. He argued that embracing protectionism as a response to the rising influx of Chinese EVs is a strategic misstep for Europe’s long-term automotive success.

By advocating for reduced tariffs, Källenius suggested that the resultant heightened competition from China would serve as a catalyst for European carmakers to enhance their product offerings.