Mega 24-hour discount store, Don Don Donki from Japan to open in TST soon


    Don Quijote/Don Don Donki, the biggest discount store chain in Japan is coming to TST soon! Check out this 24 hour megastore that stocks everything from food to cosmetics to electronics – all with a unique Japanese flavour when it opens its doors soon.

    Donki store in Japan

    Don Quijote s a discount chain store that has over 160 locations throughout Japan, 3 stores in Singapore (branded as Don Don Donki) and 2 in Hawaii. It carries a wide range of products, from basic groceries,electronics to clothing. The store is well known in Japan and is often referred to by its shortened name Donki (ドンキ). Distinctly, Don Quijote tends to keep very late hours for Japanese retailing (to 3 or 5am, or even 24 hours) and it packs its goods from ceiling to floor in a distinct merchandising strategy.

    The management of Don Don Donki Hong Kong recent advertisement for various positions (to be based in TST) on confirmed the opening of a Don Don Donki store in Hong Kong soon.