Meet Giraffe Leong Lok Hei, a talented local artist from Hong Kong who uses daily objects to create his artworks


Meet Giraffe Leung Lok Hei, a millennial young artist from Hong Kong, who has decided to become a full time artist after graduating from university. Giraffe’s art centres around the local Hong Kong culture, history, architecture and urban development.

He loves to create art pieces which are related to Hong Kong by using different medium and objects that are gradually being eliminated due to rapid urban development.

Coins are used in this art piece
Horse race in Hong Kong completed using coins. Picture source : Facebook/Giraffe Leong Lok Hei
Giraffe in a video interview with RTHK news Hong Kong. Picture source : Facebook/Giraffe Leong Lok Hei

In the video above , Giraffe is interviewed by Alina Stoianov and he explains how he uses leaves to create his distinctive artwork to spread the awareness for environmental conservation. He also uses Chinese characters as a metaphor to symbolise how our daily life has been replaced by various electronic communication mediums; also he likes to use other medium such as Hong Kong coins has been replaced by electronic wallet such as Wechat Pay, Octopus Pay and Visa Wave.