Meet Asian ‘Lara Croft’, probably the most beautiful porter in Hong Kong


She has been dubbed the ‘Lara Croft of Hong Kong’ as she works as a porter for a transport company in San Po Kong. Miss Chu could have been mistaken for a TVB actress but instead she pays monthly rental of HK6,500 to live in a 50sqf windowless apartment and works daily as a porter. Born in Hong Kong, her dad resides in China and her mum lives in Taiwan. She currently makes a living in Hong Kong alone.

She believes in workplace gender equality and she doesn’t feel marginalised for working in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Despite having a petite figure, she has strong physique and you can often see her transporting tonnes of goods on  a trolley in the streets of Hong Kong.

Picture credit : BBC Chinese
Chu pays HK6,500 to live in this 50sqf windowless apartment