Medical staff and patients complain over high temperature after QEH suspends air-conditioning for 3 weeks in medical ward


23rd November 2022 – (Hong Kong) The E6 medical ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has suspended air-conditioning for three weeks starting from 11th November. Due to the prolonged sweltering heat in the ward, many doctors, nurses and inpatients complained over the hot temperature.

The Hospital stated that in order to ensure the function and stability of the hospital’s central air-conditioning system, it will gradually carry out regular maintenance and replacement projects for the central air-conditioning system of the general wards in the hospital when the weather is cooler according to the annual maintenance plan. During the construction period, the hospital has installed a number of ventilation fans and mobile high-efficiency air filtration devices according to the conditions of the wards to maintain air circulation, and will regularly monitor the situation to ensure compliance with infection control regulations.