Mayday’s Shanghai concert under investigation for alleged lip-syncing, Beijing lawyer suggests potential lifetime ban


    6th December 2023 – (Shanghai) Taiwanese band Mayday has come under scrutiny following allegations of lip-syncing during their recent concert in Shanghai. The accusations surfaced after mainland Chinese music influencer, “Ma Tian Nong Fu,” claimed to have used computer programs to analyse the concert and identified five songs that appeared to be lip-synced. The controversy surrounding the alleged lip-syncing has sparked widespread discussion among netizens, quickly propelling the topic to the top of Weibo’s trending searches.

    According to Article 28 of Mainland China’s “Regulations on Administration of Commercial Performances,” performers found guilty of lip-syncing are considered to be “deceiving the audience.” Furthermore, Article 47 of the same regulations stipulates that lip-syncing individuals may face fines ranging from CNY 50,000 to CNY 100,000. In response to the allegations, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism issued a statement indicating that a thorough investigation would be conducted, but it would require some time.

    Mayday’s management company,  B’in Music, issued a counterstatement on 4th December, vehemently denying the allegations. The statement emphasised that Mayday had not engaged in any lip-syncing during their concert tour and dismissed the online rumours and malicious attacks as damaging to the band’s image. The company also pledged full cooperation with the relevant authorities in the investigation, expressing confidence in a fair outcome that would uphold the principles of justice.

    Legal expert Xu Hao from Beijing commented on the matter, stating that if a singer is found guilty of lip-syncing during a concert, it would constitute an illegal act and could be considered consumer fraud. In such cases, audience members would have the right to demand compensation from the concert organisers, potentially seeking a refund of three times the ticket price. Additionally, if an artist is proven to have lip-synced, they may face varying degrees of industry-wide boycotts, and in severe cases, they could be subject to a lifetime ban from performing.