‘May be Tomorrow’ mobile dance performance


‘May be Tomorrow’ is a mobile contemporary dance performance presented by New Arts Power.

We have kept moving like we cannot stop. What is it that pushes us, or what are we pushing for? Be still for just a moment, think and find out the answer.

“When the ball is rolling, the surrounding is reflected inevitably and goes on and on. Like a universe, a continuous cycle full of life.” This stone is a mirror of the observers and the dancers, reproducing the energy that you put in.”

They have been performing at different locations every weekend in Hong Kong since November and you can still catch them at the following locations.

Concept Director & Performer: Chloe Wong
Production Designer & Composer: Moon Yip
Cinematographer: Duo Poon
Video Editor: Wong Wing Hong
Coordinator: Katherine Leung

29th & 30th December 2018, 2pm 4pm

Stanley Main Street

5th January 2019, 1.30pm 3.30pm

Shatin Town Hall Square

6th January 2019, 2pm 4pm

Pedestrian walkway between Chater Road and Ice House

13th January 2019, 2pm 4pm

Kwun Tong Promenade