Mating season starts for two pandas at Ocean Park, ‘Giant Panda Adventure’ to close to public


8th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) The annual breeding season of giant pandas has arrived. Ocean Park announced that the veterinary team has confirmed that the giant panda Ying Ying has entered the Estrus period this year. ‘Giant Panda Adventure’, the home for Ying Ying and Le Le will be suspended from today (8th) until further notice to enable the two giant pandas to mate in the best environment.

Ocean Park said that since late March, female giant panda Ying Ying has become active, spending more time playing in the water, her appetite has decreased, and she has left scent marks on her habitat. Based on these changes in behaviour and changes in Ying Ying’s hormone levels, the park’s veterinary team confirmed that Ying Ying has entered the Estrus period this year. At the same time, the male giant panda Le Le also leaves scent marks in its habitat and sniffs the scent of Ying Ying from time to time.

The team has been closely observing the physical conditions of the two giant pandas to create opportunities for them to mate naturally. Ying Ying and Le Le are both 15 years old. They started to try natural mating 10 years ago and successfully mate naturally for the first time last year. Unfortunately, Ying Ying still did not become pregnant.

The gestation period for giant pandas lasts between 72 and 324 days and pregnancy confirmation can only be detected by ultrasound scan earliest 14 to 17 days before birth.