The mastermind of the cafe at Prince Edward who uses young girls to scam men is exposed!

The owner Ceci and her 唐三樓cafe at Prince Edward

We reported yesterday that a young girl by the name of Karen made commission by taking different men to a cafe at Prince Edward on casual dates. The real mastermind is Ceci, a 20 year old girl who owns the cafe. She pays girls around HK100 an hour to attract men via dating apps so that they can have meals at the cafe. These girls can make a few thousands a night if they can take many men there. Karen, the girl in the news yesterday  took 11 men to the cafe in one night.

Ceci, the owner of the 唐三樓 cafe at Prince Edward
Text messages that show Ceci recruiting girls
Text messages that show Ceci recruiting girls

A lot of male victims who realised they were cheated vented their anger on Facebook and some even threatened to report to police. Ceci would then return the money to pacify them.

Ceci’s modus operandi is pretty straight forward. Girls work from 5pm to 1pm and they are paid hourly between HK65-HK100. On top of that, they will make commission off each bill spent. They are required to bring at least 10 different male customers to dine at the cafe. Ceci loans a mobile phone to each girl so that they can communicate with gullible male victims via dating apps. Whenever a male customer orders food, she will instruct the girl via Whatsapp to tell the male victim to order the most expensive items on the menu or the daily special.

The food at the Cafe is overpriced and tastes horrible.

Most of the girls use photoshopped pictures and pictures of other pretty girls to create fake accounts on dating apps to lure men to have dinners with them at the cafe. They are even required to memorise scripts and always to start conversation by telling the male victims that they are lonely before proceeding to ask them to meet for a drink at the cafe.

After the exposé in the local media yesterday, the cafe is now closed temporarily as some male victims may want to report their experience to the police.