Massive scaffold collapses at Pano Harbour construction site in Kai Tak, leaves 3 injured, 2 dead (Updated: 6.45pm)


20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) At around 5pm today, a large shelf collapsed at the Shing Fu Lane construction site, known as Pano Harbour, in Kai Tak. The incident resulted in five people being injured. Distressingly, one individual was found without vital signs at the scene. The remaining three injured individuals are currently receiving treatment on-site as rescue workers scramble to save lives.

Eyewitnesses reported that the scaffold, which was several stories high, came crashing down from a height of over 20 floors. Photos and videos provided by one witness revealed the immense scale of the collapse, with the shelf sprawling across the ground. In a race against time, a large group of workers courageously attempted to remove the debris and rescue those trapped beneath.

The injured were sent to United Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment, where two female workers were pronounced dead upon arrival. Rescue personnel rushed to the scene for the rescue. Preliminary reports from the scene indicated that the scaffolding was about 6 meters high.