Massive influx of tourists expected in Hong Kong as ‘Golden Week’ approaches, says Chief Executive John Lee


26th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive John Lee has expressed his anticipation of a significant influx of tourists as the ‘Golden Week’ holiday approaches. He revealed that numerous hotels and travel organisations have reported a surge in inquiries following the government’s announcement of the resumption of the ‘National Day Fireworks Display.’ In response to the expected increase in cultural, sports, and tourism activities, the Hong Kong Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau has prepared various measures to handle the surge in local population. This includes deploying additional personnel at key checkpoints and the airport to assist incoming travellers.

When discussing the upcoming ‘Golden Week,’ John Lee emphasised the expected increase in tourist arrivals. He noted that with the revival of the ‘National Day Fireworks Display’ after a five-year hiatus, hotels and travel agencies have received a substantial number of inquiries, leading him to believe that “there will be a significant number of visitors.” The industry has taken proactive measures to organise travel activities, enhance the attractiveness of tourist spots, and improve information dissemination, describing the efforts as a “full mobilisation.”

Lee further mentioned that the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau will increase manpower at key checkpoints and the airport, closely monitoring the flow of local residents. The Bureau has already coordinated a series of measures and stands ready with response plans to ensure that citizens and the general public can fully enjoy the festive atmosphere in Hong Kong.

In addition, the ongoing “Hong Kong Night Vibes” has been running for over a week, with a series of consecutive events planned at three seafront locations: Wan Chai, Kennedy Town, and Kwun Tong. The “Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance” will also be revived, and a fireworks display is scheduled for the National Day holiday. It is anticipated that hundreds of thousands of citizens and tourists will gather on both sides of Victoria Harbour to witness these events.

John Lee expressed his gratitude to various sectors of society for responding to the government’s call, and he encouraged different groups to continue showcasing Hong Kong’s creativity. Relevant government departments will actively coordinate and flexibly cooperate with event organisers. The Fire Services Department has already provided feasible operational arrangements, including safety measures for open-fire cooking at night markets.