Market vendor alleges younger wife scheming, reportedly prepares daily “love potion” for 76-year-old husband


    13th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a TVB Scoop episode that captivated audiences across Hong Kong, 76-year-old Mr. Ho and his 30-year younger bride, Mrs. Ho, made a striking appearance on the popular TVB program, “Scoop”. The couple’s affection was palpable, with Mrs. Ho clinging to her husband’s hand throughout the interview—a gesture that didn’t go unnoticed amid whispers and giggles from the audience.

    Theirs is a love story that began in the most mundane of settings—a local market where Mrs. Ho sold vegetables across from Mr. Ho’s newspaper stand. Their romance blossomed quickly, fueled by the soups Mrs. Ho lovingly prepared for Mr. Ho, leading to their marriage within just six months of meeting.

    During the interview, Mrs. Ho addressed rumours about her attire and accessories, revealing that most of her jewellery, despite appearances, were imitations except for a significant piece—a dragon and phoenix bracelet valued at nearly HK$100,000, a romantic Valentine’s Day gift from Mr. Ho.

    However, the couple’s fairytale has not been without its detractors. Some market vendors have labelled Mrs. Ho a “scheming woman,” suggesting her affections are not genuine. They accuse her of cooking what they call “love potions” to win over Mr. Ho. Despite these accusations, Mr. Ho remains unwavering in his support for his wife, dismissing the rumours as baseless.

    The programme took an intriguing turn as it discussed the public’s fascination with the couple’s dynamic, with some viewers suggesting that Mrs. Ho’s possessive behaviour during the interview was sparked by jealousy. The presence of the attractive host, was speculated to have made Mrs. Ho feel insecure, leading her to visibly tighten her grip on her husband’s hand.

    This episode has not only highlighted the personal dynamics between Mr. and Mrs. Ho but also thrown light on the broader societal attitudes towards relationships involving significant age gaps and perceived social status. Critics of the couple see Mrs. Ho’s actions as calculated and manipulative, while her defenders argue that the public is too quick to judge based on superficial details rather than the genuine affection displayed by the couple.