Mark Six Chinese New Year Snowball draw tonight with First Division Prize reaching HK$100m


This year’s Mark Six Chinese New Year Snowball draw will be held tonight at 9.30pm. The draw will carry a snowball of HK$75 million, and it is estimated that the First Division Prize Fund could reach $100 million, the highest-ever Chinese New Year Snowball prize.

Residents in Tai Po were seen queuing to purchase lottery tickets this morning.

The draw will be broadcasted live on TVB J2 Channel.

4 first prize winners won with Multiple Entry in the last 6 Chinese New Year Snowball draws.

Customers who have eight favorable numbers may buy the 8-number Multiple Entry, which can be split into 28 single entries, with HK$140 by partial unit investment of HK$5. If six numbers among one of the entries are Drawn Numbers, the bet entitles to one 1st prize, twelve 3rd prizes and fifteen 5th prizes. (All Prizes will be paid based on the fraction that the Partial Unit Investment bears to the Unit Investment)