Mark Cheng, 59, star of ‘Young and Dangerous’ film series, reunites with daughter

    Mark Cheng with his daughter.

    1st April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Mark Cheng, the 59-year-old actor known for his roles in the ‘Young and Dangerous’ film series, recently made a video revealing a heartwarming reunion with his beloved daughter. Cheng had previously disclosed the breakdown of his 20-year marriage to his Malaysian wife, Elyn Bao Ai Ling. His wife and children had suddenly disappeared, and he hinted at infidelity on her part. Adding to his distress, he discovered that his properties and vehicles were not under his name, leaving him bereft of both family and assets. This Lunar New Year, Cheng appeared to spend the festivities alone, further highlighting his sombre situation. The actor had expressed doubts about celebrating the holiday this year, according to a video shared on Douyin, a popular social media platform.

    However, in a recent video, Cheng excitedly shared the news of his reunion with his beloved daughter. After a five-year separation, he fulfilled his promise to her by taking her to see pandas. In the video, a jubilant Cheng pointed at his daughter and introduced her, saying, “My daughter, because I promised her.” With evident happiness, Cheng affectionately placed his arm around his daughter’s shoulder and enthusiastically pointed out the pandas to her. He even couldn’t resist cracking a “Dad Joke,” saying, “Do pandas know kung fu? Because it’s ‘Kung Fu Panda’!” His cheesy joke evoked a chuckle from his daughter. Towards the end of the video, Cheng lovingly held his daughter closer and asked her how many pandas they had seen that day. His daughter, now enjoying the moment, replied in English, “I like them!”