Marine Dept receives report from shipowner that the ocean tugboat and Jumbo Floating Restaurant still in the waters of Paracel Islands


23rd June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Jumbo Floating Restaurant sank in the South China Sea last weekend. The Marine Department (MD) said a few days ago that the owner of the ship applied to tow the restaurant to Cambodia last Monday (13th), but the department was not notified before it sank. The department has asked the shipowner to submit a written report.

MD had not received any notification from the ship owner prior to media reporting about Jumbo’s sinking. After learning about the media reports, MD immediately requested Jumbo’s owner to submit a written report. Today, MD received the written report from the agent appointed by Jumbo’s owner.
According to the information provided by the ship owner, on the night of 18th June, when Jumbo was being towed by ocean-going tugboat “JAEWON 9” in the vicinity of Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, Jumbo capsized due to adverse weather.  At present, both Jumbo and the tugboat are still in the waters off Paracel Islands. The ship owner will continue to follow up on the incident has denied that it has sunk.