Marine Department to investigate sunken Jumbo Floating Restaurant incident


21st June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Jumbo Floating Restaurant sank into South China Sea on 19th June. Aberdeen Catering Group said yesterday (20th) that it was aware of the incident, and also pointed out that the salvage project was very difficult. The Aberdeen Catering Group added that when the Jumbo Floating Restaurant sailed to the waters near the Paracel Islands last Saturday (18th) afternoon, it encountered an accident sank into the water the water during strong tidal waves. However, according to the Hong Kong Observatory’s weather report for the South China Sea, from 12.30 noon on 18th June, there was only a Category 2 breeze until the evening near Paracel Islands, far less than the Category 6 wind force of the No. 3 typhoon.

In response, the Marine Department said that the shipowner applied to tow the Jumbo Floating Restaurant to Cambodia last Monday (13th), but the Department was not duly notified before it sank. It is requesting the vessel owner to submit a written report and will follow up on the investigation.