Maria Cordero, the resilient songstress at 70, reveals her unwavering reasons for not retiring

    Maria Cordero

    16th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Maria Cordero, known as “Fei Ma” in the entertainment industry, has been a prominent figure for nearly 40 years. Despite being 70 years old, she remains incredibly active. Beyond her singing, acting, and cooking talents, Fei Ma has recently embraced the world of online communication, becoming a judge in singing competitions and expressing her views on various industry matters. Her fearless and outspoken style has garnered a strong following among netizens.

    Fei Ma, still a prominent figure at the age of 70, has hosted two seasons of the popular show “Midlife Sing & Shine!” She has also taken on the role of a cooking show host. Known for her passionate involvement in the industry, Fei Ma frequently shares her opinions through social media platforms, staying in touch with the latest trends.

    Despite having six children, 17 grandchildren, and even two great-grandchildren, Fei Ma could easily lead a carefree retirement life, enjoying her golden years and spending quality time with her grandchildren. However, she has chosen to continue working. In response to the question, “Why does she still work instead of enjoying retirement?” Fei Ma recently released a video addressing this topic.

    In the video, Fei Ma passionately expresses, while applying makeup, “I’m not just working; I genuinely enjoy it! Don’t you understand? I don’t need to work for a living. But by staying engaged with the younger generation, like filming videos for TikTok, I avoid becoming disconnected from society. I refuse to become a passive and idle elderly person.”