Maria Cordero next to give up her Portuguese nationality and says she is proud to be a Chinese


    8th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Nicholas Tse, who recently claimed to have renounced his Canadian citizenship, said to media reporters that “Because I was born in Hong Kong, I was originally a Chinese. In fact, I am also surrendering my Canadian citizenship”.

    According to his logic, Liu Yifei and Wang Leehom, who were born in the United States, should “originally” be Americans, and Stefanie Sun, who was born in Singapore, should also be “originally” Singaporean, but at the same time they were all listed under the online Chinese ‘target list’.

    Veteran Hongkong singer and cooking show host Maria Cordero also announced recently that she would give up her Portuguese nationality. She replied to the media that she was going to work in the mainland and it was correct to revoke the foreign nationality. Yes, I believe that other artists will follow suit one after another. She added, “I am half Portuguese, but if I want to choose, I must choose China. Every policy has its own rules and regulations. You must be Chinese. I have to follow the rules, I’m so proud of my own Chinese roots…”