Many HK residents who migrated to U.K. via BN(O) scheme earlier start to return to HK after depleting their savings


26th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) On average, around 2 millions pounds is required for Hong Kong residents to migrate to the U.K, which is equivalent to HK$18.9 million.

Benny Cheung Ka-hei, a migration consultant of Goldmax Immigration Consulting pointed out that among Hong Kong residents who migrated to the U.K., the proportion of richer and lower-income migrants is about 50-50.

Cheung added that before the British government implemented the BN(O) scheme, the migration requirements were more stringent than those of other places. However, after the U.K. implemented BN(O) scheme last year, the cost of migrating to the U.K. has decreased, so there were more richer and highly educated people who chose to migrate to the U.K. Although migrating to the UK is more convenient for wealthy people, for middle-class or low-income people, migrating to the U.K. is akin to “dumping money into the British Channel” at a high speed.

Those who have migrated to the U.K. with only a few hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars will have depleted their savings in 6 months after deducting the visa processing costs and the purchase of British health insurance, etc..

In addition, some British migration websites pointed out that some Hong Kong residents who migrated to the U.K. have recently begun to return to Hong Kong.