Many fans watch Singaporean singer JJ Lin perform for free by sitting on own camping chairs outside the venue in Central


    24th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Singaporean singer JJ Lin held his 20th-anniversary concert at the Central Harbourfront Event Space on 17th-19th and 24th-26th March. As the concert was held in an outdoor venue, almost everyone near the Central Harbourfront could hear the music clearly. Some people watched from outside the venue for free, sitting on the railings or standing with their phones held high to record videos. Many even brought their own camping chairs and enjoyed food and beer while relaxing and watching the concert.

    Upon hearing the news, some ticket holders complained about the hassle of buying tickets, questioning why they bothered in the first place. Others expressed concern that Jay Chou’s upcoming concert in May, which will also be held at the same venue, will encounter the same situation. They worried that “Jay Chou’s concerts will definitely be packed!” and “It’s just like a charity concert!” Some even joked, “Why not charge admission for the outside area?”

    Meanwhile, many fans who bought tickets attended the concert reported chaotic scenes during the first show. A large group of fans from the back rushed to the front seats, causing confusion and disorder. Additionally, a female audience member stood on her seat, blocking the view of those seated behind her. When asked to sit down, she became agitated and even resorted to physical violence.