Many civil servants express dissatisfaction over uniform 2.5% salary increase


6th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Secretary for the Civil Service, Ingrid Yeung, met with representatives of the Central staff consultative councils this year to listen to their opinions on the uniform 2.5% salary increase for civil servants at all levels.  Lee Fongchung, head of the Senior Government Officers Association, said after the meeting, many civil servants were surprised and stunned by this increase, believing that it was far inferior to that of the private sector. He pointed out that a 4.5% salary increase is reasonable and normal, and hoped that the Chief Executive and the Executive Council would reconsider. Lee pointed out that the association respects the long-existing Pay Trend Survey Committee, and believes that it should try to refer to the “net pay trend indicator”.

Yeung’s statement that civil servant salary increases should not be calculated scientifically puzzled him. The Junior Police Officers’ Association was extremely dissatisfied with the 2.5% salary increase. The chairman of the Junior Police Officers’ Association, Lam Chi-wai was extremely displeased with the uniform 2.5% salary increase for civil servants and asked the authorities as to how the increment was derived.

Li Kwai-yin, president of the Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants’ Association pointed out that civil servants have experienced salary freezes for the past two years. The salary increase this time should compensate for the inflation that started the previous year. Moreover, the salaries of the newly appointed accountability officials have already factored in inflation. Civil servants should be treated the same way. She also believes that if the new government is not sympathetic, and civil servants will be somewhat resentful. She pointed out that the pay trend survey has limitations and cannot reflect special circumstances such as the COVID-19 epidemic. If the epidemic continues and many industries are severely hit, the survey may “repeat the same mistakes”, and the indicators obtained will cause great controversy again.