Many citizens using Octopus Cards who spent HK$4,000 consumption vouchers before 31st May fail to collect the balance sum of HK$1,000


16th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) HK$5,000 under the Government’s 2022 Electronic Consumption Voucher Scheme (Phase 1) was distributed to the public. Citizens who use Octopus Cards need to collect them in stages. Those who have accumulated spending of HK$4,000 before 31st May can collect the remaining HK$1,000 by the end of today. However, there were complaints from many citizens who have spent HK$4,000 earlier failed to redeem the balance HK$1,000 at convenience stores or MTR stations this morning, and the Octopus hotline could not be connected.

The affected citizens criticised the disorderly arrangement of Octopus, and were deeply dissatisfied.