Man’s public behaviour at MTR Tai Koo station sparks debate on cross-border travel etiquette


2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) As cross-border travel between mainland China and Hong Kong becomes more common, a wide range of behaviours from the mainland are re-emerging in Hong Kong. This was observed when a netizen shared a photo taken at MTR Tai Koo station, showing a man sitting on the handrail of an escalator, playing with his phone, while his bag of takeaway food sat beside him. He had also removed his shoes, which many netizens deemed to be a lack of public decorum.

The photo was shared on a Facebook group, where the poster commented that “Hong Kong people have learned to put up with it and adapt quickly.” Comments from other netizens were largely in agreement, with some calling those who exhibit such behavior the “strange people after immigration” and predicting that they will only increase in numbers. Some even warned the man in the photo to be careful, as there has been recent controversy surrounding airlines and mainland China discrimination.

However, some netizens also criticised the man’s selfish behaviour, stating that he treated the public area like his own home. As cross-border travel continues, it is important for visitors to respect local customs and be mindful of their behaviour in public places.