Mandopop singer Wang Leehom to perform in concert in Las Vegas in January 2023 after more than 1 year of hiatus


    6th December 2022 – (Taipei) Mandopop singer Wang Leehom who was embroiled in a controversial divorce with his wife, Lee Jinylei el at the end of last year suspended his career for a while. The two are still working on their divorce proceedings in New York and Taipei. After 1 year of silence, an entertainment company announced that Wang will hold the “ONE Lee Hom Wang” concert at the Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas, U.S. on 28th January next year, signifying a high-profile return to the entertainment industry.

    On 27th November, 2013, Wang married Taiwanese girlfriend, Lee Jinglei.  Lee came from a Japanese-Taiwanese family and was known by the name Michiko Nishimura when she attended Dominican International School in Taipei. Lee is her mother’s surname. The couple has three children: two daughters, Wang Jiali, born July 2014 and Wang Jiana, born October 2016, and a son, Wang Jiayao, born August 2018.

    On 16th December, 2021, Wang announced they are separated and filing for divorce.  On 17th December Lee began posting a series of accusations on Instagram and Sina Weibo against Wang, claiming serial infidelity, solicitation of prostitutes, verbal abuse, bullying, and having underaged sex with her when she was 16 years old. Lee’s posts shocked the internet, especially Wang’s fanbase, and were viewed over 3.3 billion times on Weibo. Wang stated he was being smeared by Lee, and refuted all allegations of infidelity, and underage sex, with evidence posted, including a screenshot of the couple’s first e-mail correspondence, dated 2011, when Lee was 24 years old, suggesting they were not intimate since she was a minor, as Lee claimed.  Singers Vivian Hsu and By2 member Yumi Bai, who Lee accused of being Wang’s mistresses during her marriage to Wang, both took legal action against Lee. Hsu’s lawyers released several official statements denying the allegations. Yumi Bai sued Lee for defamation. Lee also responded, refuting some of Wang’s points. Wang later made a general apology for not managing his marriage well as a public figure, adding that he would transfer the house to Lee and announced he will temporarily quit the entertainment business.  After Wang’s apology, Lee rejected the house offer and explained her reasons for making the matter public, saying that she did not receive a sincere apology before that, adding that children needed honest and trustworthy parents who can face their issues and change instead of perfect parents and that she was not out for the money. Lee ended with a general apology to “innocent parties dragged into the saga”. Wang Leehom and Jinglei Lee are now suing each other for custody of their three children after Lee failed to comply with several orders from the Supreme Court of the State of New York to allow Wang to see his children, ending in an OSC for Contempt of Court, which was later denied on account of jurisdiction. The ex-couple’s custody battle has since moved to Taiwan.