Mandopop singer Jay Chou’s name virtually unheard of in recent Tokyo KOL survey

    Insert picture: Jay Chou.

    18th April 2024 – (Tokyo) Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, often referred to as the “King of Mandopop,” has enjoyed immense popularity throughout Asia. However, recent street interviews conducted by a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in Japan have revealed a surprising shift in the ranking of Taiwanese artists in terms of local fame. The results showed that Tzuyu, a member of the popular Korean girl group TWICE, overwhelmingly surpassed Jay Chou, as well as Vivian Hsu, who had previously established a successful career in Japan.

    Jay Chou, known for his numerous classic hits and frequent international concert tours, boasts a global fan base. In fact, his album “Greatest Works” topped the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry’s “Top 10 Global Album Sales Chart” in 2022, making it the first Mandarin album to achieve such a feat in the history of the chart.

    However, the recent street interviews conducted by the KOL in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa district, focusing on “the most famous Taiwanese artist in Japan,” yielded unexpected results. Out of the five popular Taiwanese artists selected for the survey – Jay Chou, Lin Chi-ling, Tzuyu, Vivian Hsu, and Takeshi Kaneshiro – Tzuyu emerged as the clear winner with 39 votes. Vivian Hsu, who had spent several years building her career in Japan, followed with 20 votes, while Takeshi Kaneshiro secured the third position with 13 votes. Lin Chi-ling, who married Japanese singer AKIRA, received only 8 votes. Surprisingly, Jay Chou’s name was recognised by merely two individuals. This outcome is particularly awkward considering that he had recently held a concert in Tokyo at the beginning of this month.

    The KOL, despite personally regarding Jay Chou as the most popular, provided an analysis for Tzuyu’s remarkable success. The K-Pop phenomenon has gained immense traction worldwide, with its songs being translated into various languages. Additionally, Tzuyu’s affiliation with TWICE, who had released a Japanese album, further contributed to her popularity. Netizens expressed their admiration for the global reach of K-Pop, with some jesting that Jay Chou’s fame is limited to the Chinese-speaking regions, questioning his status as an international superstar. Some even playfully referred to him as a “middle-aged man” who is married with children, implying that he is no longer relevant to the younger generation. However, there were also supporters who acknowledged the cultural differences and emphasised that Jay Chou’s peak popularity remains unmatched, noting that few artists in Japan maintain their fame for over two decades.