Mandopop icon Jay Chou’s daughter reveals artistic prowess to acclaim


    5th March 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese pop icon, Jay Chou, has unveiled a painting on social media that has since been attributed to his youngest daughter’s budding artistic talent. The singer, known for his love of art collecting, initially posted the artwork with a teasing challenge, “Guess which master [artist]?” before revealing the child’s involvement with a subsequent picture of tiny hands at a paint palette, and the caption, “The correct answer is … my youngest daughter”.

    This disclosure has sparked a wave of admiration online, with netizens extolling the strong artistic genes and hereditary talent within the Chou family. Commentators have praised the young artist’s skill, speculating on an inherent creative gift passed down from her renowned father.

    Moreover, Chou’s long-standing friendship with fellow entertainment stalwart, Stephen Chow, has been a focal point of public interest. A recent photograph of the two sharing a fine beverage in Hong Kong had already caused a stir amongst their fans, fuelling hopes for a collaborative venture. Following Stephen Chow’s announcement of his upcoming film “Shaolin Women’s Soccer“, Chou, who has composed music for movies such as “Initial D” and “Secret”, has been fervently requested by fans to contribute to the film’s score, heightening anticipation for a potential partnership between these two titans of their respective crafts.