Man who migrated overseas lists 3 grievances against Hong Kong and vows to leave after returning for a few days


22nd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A Hong Kong man who migrated overseas recently posted on an online forum, sharing his “first impression” upon returning to Hong Kong and listing the city’s three major problems. He candidly stated that “it’s true that living abroad is more comfortable, and after returning to Hong Kong for a few days, I already want to leave.”

The post sparked a heated debate, with some fellow emigrants agreeing with the original netizen’s comments, stating that “even if nothing is wrong, I don’t want to return to Hong Kong” and “there’s nothing worth cherishing.” However, others argue that there’s no need to belittle Hong Kong, and questioned why more and more people feel the need to “come back and criticise Hong Kong before choosing to settle abroad.”

The man posted on the popular online forum, LIHKG, under the topic “my first impression after immigrating and returning to Hong Kong,” listing three major issues with Hong Kong people, including “young men on the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) are rude and pushy when trying to grab a seat,” “the way Hong Kong people look at others is oppressive and intimidating,” and “Hong Kong people have a bad service attitude.” However, he also noted that while Hong Kong’s service is lacking, compared to people in other countries, Hong Kong people are more responsible and capable of solving problems.

While acknowledging that Hong Kong has relatively good public safety compared to other countries, he still maintained that “living abroad is more comfortable,” and lamented that “after returning to Hong Kong for a few days, I already want to leave.” He further explained that he has become accustomed to a quiet life and finds Hong Kong’s bustling environment exhausting.

The post has drawn mixed responses from other emigrants, with some echoing the man’s sentiments, stating that “I’m not used to the noise in Hong Kong after living abroad” and “Hong Kong people are impatient and rude, except for food and friends, there’s nothing worth staying for.” Others, however, believe that Hong Kong is still comfortable and viable, with some saying that “I returned to Hong Kong after two years abroad and found it more comfortable” and “some of my friends are used to living in Hong Kong and find it easier to make money here. If they don’t have strong feelings about politics, staying in Hong Kong is a good choice.”

Overall, the post has sparked a discussion about the pros and cons of living in Hong Kong and abroad, with contrasting views on whether or not Hong Kong is still a comfortable and welcoming city to call home.