Man who dresses up as woman blocks doors on MTR train at Jordan Station


11th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A man who dressed as a woman deliberately blocked the MTR doors with his hands to prevent the train from leaving at MTR Jordan Station on 7th August. Some passengers on train were amused by his antics but they did not file a complaint.

After the clip was circulated on social media recently, it caused heated discussions among many netizens. Some commented “Hong Kong people are really under a lot of pressure.”

In response, MTR said that the source and shooting time of the video clip were unclear, but they checked the MTR Jordan station records. At around 8pm on 7th August (Sunday), MTR Jordan Station received a notification from the captain of a train bound for Tsuen Wan on the Tsuen Wan Line that the train doors were blocked. When the station staff arrived at the scene after receiving the report to understand the situation, they saw a passenger who was blocking the doors from closing. The passenger stopped his action on his own when the staff arrived and he then left with the staff. The train successfully left the platform after the doors were closed and the incident only had a slight impact on train operations.