Man throws punches at another man at Mong Kok East Station Bus Terminus, reason unknown


7th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 33-second video clip has been circulating online today (7th June), showing a middle-aged man in black pants throwing two consecutive roundhouse punches at another man in a grey jacket, causing him to fall to the ground, beside a parked 93K bus at Mong Kok East Station Bus Terminus. However, the exact time and reason for the incident are still unknown.

In the video, the man in the grey jacket sat up and spread his arms after being punched, indicating either that he was okay or that he was confused about why he was being attacked. The man in black pants, on the other hand, was seething with anger, repeatedly swearing and insulting the man in the grey jacket’s mother. He then picked up a box and a bag from the ground, and walked towards the front of the bus.

After putting on his mask and holding onto the railing, the man in the grey jacket got up and walked towards the front of the bus as well, muttering to himself along the way. This provoked the man in black pants to shout at him, “What do you want?” The man in grey jacket replied softly, causing the man in black pants to turn around and wait for the bus to start moving. The video abruptly ends at this point, and the subsequent events are unknown.