Man swims in fountain and poses with whale sculpture in HK Disneyland


23rd June 2022 – (Hong Kong) During a recent night, a topless man wearing swimming trunk climbed into the mouth of whale sculpture in the fountain of Hong Kong Disneyland to take pictures. A netizen shared on Facebook his antics attracted multiple comments by netizens. He was seen making multiple poses and many netizens criticised the Park for not deploying security guards in time to stop the man. The man was also spotted swimming in the fountain.

In response to media inquiries, a spokesman for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort stated that it would seek follow-up from law enforcement authorities according to the situation and needs. The spokesman said that guests must abide by all notices, usage rules and laws in the resort and they should engage in any behaviour that is dangerous, illegal, disgusting, or dangerous or nuisance to other users.