Man stands precariously on rooftop of Lai Man House, Oi Man Estate, Ho Man Tin (Updated: 10pm)


26th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 3pm today, police received a report that a man surnamed Lee was standing in a precarious position on the rooftop of Lai Man House, Oi Man Estate, Ho Man Tin, and it was suspected that he attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the building. The firefighters rushed to the building after receiving the report, and inflated an air cushion on the opposite side of the building to be on standby. At the same time, personnel went upstairs to lobby the victim to return to safe position.

At about 6.30pm today, firefighters managed to pull him back to a safe place. He was immediately sent to the hospital for inspection by ambulance. Some neighbours pointed out that Lee, his wife and two sons lived in the same unit for about two years.

Sources revealed that the resident in the unit downstairs lit incense regularly and the smoke emitted to his unit. Lee complained to the Housing Department for a long time but was not entertained. Earlier today, the victim brought a lit incense to the public housing estate office to complain directly. During the period, there was a dispute with others. Someone reported that he was pushed down and injured and had to be sent to the hospital. The roof of the building jumped. The victim was deeply outraged when he learned about the incident before to the roof of the building to jump.