Man spotted smoking on platform of MTR Sha Tin Station


19th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Earlier, a video of a man smoking on a Hong Kong MTR train went viral, and now another incident of smoking on the platform of a MTR Station has surfaced. A citizen witnessed a man smoking at the platform seating area of the MTR East Rail Line’s Sha Tin Station on 18th March. The man was captured in a series of photos as he used his left hand to hold the cigarette and his right hand to operate his phone.

The man, who wore a black top, dark green shorts, and grey and white trainers, was seen holding a paper bag of the same brand as his shoes. Despite the MTR’s strict no-smoking policy, the man nonchalantly smoked his cigarette, sending smoke towards his mouth before returning to his phone.

Netizens have been critical of the man’s behaviour, with one comment suggesting that smoking was not natural. Another asked, “Why can’t he wait until he leaves the station to smoke?” Some even made light of the situation, referencing a scene from a Hong Kong movie in which a character smokes outside of a school.

According to Section 23 of the MTR Bylaw, smoking is strictly prohibited in MTR premises, and offenders may face a fine of up to HK$5,000. The MTR advises passengers to report any incidents of smoking to staff members for appropriate action.