Man splashes glass door of Tang Kung Mansion in Taikoo Shing with red paint, debt notes containing pictures of couple left behind

Tang Kung Mansion in Taikoo Shing

9th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) At around 2am today, a man wearing a white jacket and holding a plastic pot containing red paint in his hand arrived outside the Tang Kung Mansion in Taikoo Shing, and splashed the paint onto the glass door of the building and the ground. 3 debt collection notes containing pictures of a couple were left there at the same time. After succeeding, he left the plastic pot behind and fled in the direction of the MTR station. The security guard found out and started chasing him, but unfortunately he lost him.

The police arrived at the scene to understand that a paper bag containing 1 can of red paint and 2 bottles of thinner was found on the back stairs about 30 meters away from the building involved. It is believed that the suspect diluted the paint there before pouring it into the plastic pot.

After investigation, the police classified the case as “criminal damage” and handed it over to the Criminal Investigation Team of the Eastern District Police District for follow-up. According to sources at the scene, the names of a couple were written on the debt collection note. The husband’s surname is Chu and the wife’s surname is Chuang, but they are not residents of the above address.

The photo in the debt note shows Torres Chee and his wife, surnamed Chuang. According to the information, Chee is one of the directors of Yan Oi Tong Limited and was originally a member of the Pegasus basketball club.

Debt note showing the couple