Man spits water at doorbell buttons and doors of apartment units in Kwai Chung Estate


23rd January 2022 – (Hong Kong) A video was circulated on social media today showing showing a man spitting water or saliva at doorbell buttons and apartment doors.

Legislative Councillor Ben Chan shared the video on Facebook and the incident was suspected to have taken place at Chun Kwai House, Ha Kwai House and Chau Kwai House in Kwai Chung Estate, the current epicentre of Omicron outbreak in Hong Kong. Chan condemned the man’s action and said that if he was infected with COVID-19, he would have spread the virus to other residents. He also urged residents to be careful, avoid touching their eyes, ears, mouth and nose with their hands when going out, clean their hands immediately when they return home, and regularly disinfect the front of the door, doorbell buttons and other places where their hands will touch.

The man was caught spitting on apartment door.

He urged the police to take action as soon as possible.