Man shares videos of Thai woman who excretes in pants after getting drunk


26th November 2022 – (Bangkok) Phetsi Srimueang, a man from Thailand, uploaded several videos and posts on his TikTok account (@Adpetch) and Facebook, showing a woman who was drunk. She even excreted in her pants. Faeces were seen leaking between her thighs.

The man later filmed her while flushing the faeces away with a water hose.

The woman was drunk after drinking at a bar with a group of friends. She then passed out completely in the passenger seat of the car. The man later attached a third video containing a CCTV footage at their home. It was 3.37am in the morning of the same day when the man parked the car in the garage. After the man got off the car, he helped the drunk woman into the house. Unexpectedly, when the two walked to the front of the house, the woman suddenly fell to the ground and could not move, and she began to excrete unconsciously.

After some cleaning, the man tried to pull the woman up again, but the woman couldn’t even sit still, and the man didn’t have enough strength to lift her up, so he had to drag the woman into the house.

The woman was drinking at a bar with a group of friends.
She passed out in the car.
The man then sprayed water on her pants after faeces were discharged.

He then pulled her into the house.