Man saved by new Apple Watch during motorcycle crash in Taiwan


28th September 2022 – (Taipei) The new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra were launched in the market recently. In addition to adding the temperature detection function to the current generation of Apple Watch, the function that is most intriguing is the Crash Detection. A netizen in Taiwan recently shared how his newly purchased Apple Watch Series 8 saved his life. The netizen had a serious accident during a motorcycle crash a few days ago. He was flung to the ground by the impact and could not move his body.

However, the Apple Watch Series 8 he wore detected a crash. After he did not respond for a period of time, it dialled 119 for emergency help. Another passerby also helped him to answer the call. He was quickly sent to the hospital moments later. In his post, he mentioned that this is not the first time he was saved Apple Watch. In the past, when using the Apple Watch Series 4, he was also hit by a vehicle. The “fall detection” function at that time also responded immediately and helped him make a distress call.