Man reports taxi window smash-and-grab theft, 3 mobile phones and cash stolen


27th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 53-year-old man, identified as Mr. Chung, reported a car theft incident yesterday afternoon (26th) around 2pm. He stated that he had parked his taxi opposite Cherry Street Park on Hoi Ting Road in Tai Kok Tsui and had briefly left the vehicle to use the restroom. To his dismay, upon returning, he discovered that the left front window of his taxi had been smashed. Inside the vehicle, a bag containing three mobile phones worth nearly HK$7,000 and approximately HK$1,300 in cash were missing. The case has been classified as an “in-car theft.”

Today (27th), a 1-minute and 42-second video clip of the related theft, captured by a dashcam, circulated on social media. The footage shows a man wearing a dark-coloured jacket, a duckbill cap, and a white face mask. He swiftly approaches the left side of the taxi, forcefully shatters the left front window with a solid object, and reaches inside to grab a bag from the passenger seat. Subsequently, he opens the car door, enters the cabin, quickly steals three mobile phones from the front, and swiftly closes the door before making his escape. The entire crime took approximately 34 seconds.

Upon discovering the unusual situation upon his return, Mr. Chung exclaimed in shock and frustration. After inspecting the items in the passenger seat on the left side, he sighed and expressed his helplessness, saying, “They stole my money and even took away the phones.” Netizens who viewed the video expressed outrage at the audacity of the thief, describing him as “lawless.” Some individuals commented on the thief’s brazenness, stating that he was acting even in broad daylight. They also advised Mr. Chung against leaving multiple phones in plain sight at the front of his car, as it could attract criminal activity.