Man makes instant noodles using McDonald’s self-service hot water dispenser


7th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a McDonald’s branch in Hong Kong, a middle-aged man recently sparked a heated online debate by using the self-service water dispenser to prepare a cup of instant noodles. While many McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong offer self-service water dispensers that provide hot and cold water to customers, this man took it to another level by bringing his own cup noodles and using the dispenser to pour hot water over them. The incident quickly went viral, with netizens sharing their opinions on the matter.

A Facebook user, posted a photo on Facebook showing the middle-aged man standing next to the self-service water dispenser at a McDonald’s branch. In the picture, he can be seen pressing the button to release hot water into his cup noodles. The original poster speculated that the man was a tourist from mainland China, jokingly thanking the government for allowing more cities to participate in the Individual Visit Scheme, which enables mainland Chinese tourists to visit Hong Kong independently.

The man’s unconventional act of making instant noodles at McDonald’s sparked a range of reactions from netizens. Some criticized him for misusing the restaurant’s facilities, referring to his behaviour as “poverty tourism” suggesting he should have cooked the noodles in his hotel room or found an alternative location. Comparisons were drawn to Japanese convenience stores, where individuals typically purchase cup noodles but refrain from using store facilities to prepare them.

On the other hand, there were those who defended the man’s actions, arguing that it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. They questioned why it was considered a problem, stating that people eat cup noodles even when travelling abroad, regardless of the dining options available. Some netizens brushed off the incident, noting that it had no impact on them and that similar behaviours could be observed among locals, citing instances of individuals washing baby bottles in public.