Man kicks Dior bag packed in a box belonging to girlfriend down the staircase at HK airport


8th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) A video was circulated on social media on 5th December showing a Hong Kong couple who had a dispute at the Hong Kong International Airport, during which the Hong Kong man lost his temper and threw his luggage, removed a Dior bag packed in a box and hurled it on the ground before kicking it down the staircase, causing heated discussions. An airport staff member happened to walk past but he did not take any action.

However, the focus of netizens quickly shifted after his girlfriend threw the Dior shopping bag in on the ground in response. The man then walked away. The man also shouted at his girlfriend and asked her to pick up the box but she did not proceed to do so.

The video went viral on Twitter, and the topic spread to other social media pages, causing heated discussions among netizens. Although the cause of the dispute has not been known, netizens are still talking about it, and some of the comments are about the Hong Kong woman’s Dior bag.