Man injured after confrontation with intruder at Kwai Fong Estate residence

Kwai Hei House

20th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of today, at 3.12am, a dispute between two men escalated into a violent incident at a unit in Kwai Hei House, Kwai Fong Estate. During the altercation, one individual attacked the other with a butcher knife, resulting in injuries. The assailant fled to the lobby but was apprehended by law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene. The injured man was conscious and transported to the hospital for treatment.

According to sources, the victim and the suspect were acquainted. The victim had been residing at the same address and discovered that a significant amount of cash had gone missing. Suspecting the male resident of theft, the victim and his girlfriend paid a visit to confront him. A heated argument ensued between the two men inside the residence, and it was during this time that the male resident rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife, using it to attack the other individual. Disturbed by the commotion, neighbours reported the incident to the authorities.

Law enforcement officers promptly responded to the call and apprehended the suspect in the lobby. Meanwhile, paramedics attended to the injured victim, providing initial medical care before transferring him to the hospital. The suspect’s girlfriend, as well as the girlfriend of the victim, who both cohabited at the residence, were present and assisting with the investigation.