Man in Fuzhou City uses forklift to throw another car into river after it was found to have occupied his private parking space


23rd November 2022 – (Fuzhou City) An owner recently had his private parking space occupied by another car in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province,. After notifying the owner of the car to move the car but to no avail, he then hired a forklift driver and disposed of the other car in the river at around 11pm on 19th November . The police reported on Sunday (20th) that the owner of the parking space has been prosecuted in accordance to the law.

The Jinshan Police Station received a report saying that a vehicle parked in a community basement in Cangshan had been thrown into a river and immediately launched an investigation. After investigation, the male driver of another car (Chen Mou-gen, 35 years old, from Fuzhou) was confirmed to have occupied the parking space in the basement belonging to Lin Mou-kai (male, 47 years old, from Fuzhou) at 5pm on 18th November. At about 10pm on 19th November, when Lin Mou-kai could not contact Chen Mou-gen, he hired Gong Mou-qiang (male, 38 years old, from Sichuan) to drive a forklift to remove Chen Mou-gen’s vehicle and before throw it into the river. Gong has also assisted in the investigation.