Man in 50s dies 2 weeks later after receiving COVID-19 vaccine


19th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) It is understood that a man in his 50s received Sinovac vaccine at Yuen Wo Road Sports Centre in Sha Tin about two weeks ago. He lost consciousness and he was sent to the North District Hospital early in the morning yesterday. He passed away early in the morning today. It is reported that he was a smoker and had no chronic illnesses. A total of 17 people in Hong Kong have died after being vaccinated but the expert panel has concluded that the deaths were not causally linked to vaccination. There were a total of 15 who were vaccinated with Sinovac and 2 were vaccinated with Cominaty. Hence, the cause of death for this new case will be evaluated by the expert panel.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health issued a statement last night (19th) that a 32-year-old man received a dose of Comirnaty vaccine and then went to the clinic to get the Sinovac Vaccine by himself before receiving second dose of Comirnaty vaccine resulting in a total of 3 shots. The doctor who vaccinated the man with Sinovac vaccine at HUMAN HEALTH MEDICAL CENTRE in Tung Chung only followed up his medical records after completing the vaccination. The doctor apologised for the error. Before the vaccination, the doctor had checked his vaccination record and filled out the consent form. At that time, the man stated that he had received the COVID-19 vaccine for the first time.